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Management. Development. Communications

Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy (SVBAC) empower business owners & enterprises to perform efficiently and ambitiously with  our researched and result oriented Business Management, Market Development and Communications programs.

All businesses undergo changes in their life cycle and there is always a scope for improvement with implementation of ideas and solutions. Our objective is to work with our customers as a team for problem solving, development and growth.

Family Owned Business, Manufacturing, Education, Edu-tech, Pharmaceuticals, I.T, Hospitality, Publication and certain Start Ups are some of the industries we provide end to end solutions.


Business Management, Sales and Market Development, High Impact Communication, Business Coaching, Finance Restructuring and Legal Advisory.

Our Vision is to "To Provide our Customers with Scalable Solutions to Perform Better and Add More Value to their Products and Services."

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