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Are You Micro Manager?

The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the manager.

The office is the hubspot for creativity, network and delivery of ideas encased in the hard work of its employees and more than that is the Manager behind the team.

If you take a small business owner, he /she acts as the manager to overview the other team members. Their presence and outlook will deliver the results of the production house which can be an eatery, cafe or a mid size office engaged in creative works.

Mostly founders who have toiled and successfully grown their outfit are "Micro Mangers" and they continue to do so. Because they feel that is the right way to deliver a good product or a service. This approach is ideal for a small unit delivering good results but as the size of the outfit grows then it becomes a bit difficult.

They will never believe in "Delegation" of work / responsibilities and would involve themselves in doing things which could be done by else. Thus they loose on to productivity and get involved in others work. Today workforce is educated and believe in delivery and targets. This environment at work will destroy the workforces morale. How can you change this?

1) Believe in your team. Right from the basic to the skilled staff, they are all working to make your organisation great. Give them the free hand to deliver at their level.

2) Delegate Responsibilities amongst Senior level and allow them to align further with their teams. This will make them more responsible and receptive.

3) Don't blame them for not delivering or missing any targets. Help them with your insights and make them more confident to deliver better the next time.

4) Reward the employees. They don't want fake smiles, but the desire your attention and respect. There is no great booster than a reward program.

We can help you in redesigning and manage your business better. Lets connect and discuss how we can help you,

Have a productive week ahead


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