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What separates businesses from the #successful and not so successful is not only the #ablity to perform or the #skillsets the organisation has, but also the #attitude #confidence and a #plan

Many a times in our practice, we have noticed that most of the the 1st generation #entrepreneurs in the family are more successful than the second or third generation.

The service was basic, customers were many but one thing that changed the game was the #attitude that had a positive impact on the product and customer growth.

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy believe that if one is not born with it, one must be trained for it. Our customers who opt for just an business assessment program, realise how important is it to be advised in #sales #marketing #communications

“Success is not easy, but it can be planned“ and this principle will help the readers of this post to grow exponentially in their area of work / business / trade.

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