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Do you need a Business Advisor?

It all depends how do you perceive the Business Advisor?

As a professional it's has been my personal experience that business owners are skeptical taking advice from an outsider. Generally business owners / entrepreneurs who have been successful in their peak period, feel they know how to do or manage their businesses better than anyone else out there!

The real story begins here - With the changing times, business has evolved over all these years. So has the manner in which we conduct it too has changed. To being with #Marketing has seen a huge change since late 90's and idea of reaching out to prospective lead has changed too. If one has to convince a old timer that we at SVBAC advice you to implement a better marketing program the first negative trigger by the customer thought of expenses. They don't realize that with digital advancement, better results can be achieved today.

Our presentation involves a road map and a systematic approach for reaching the target. Our #businessdevelopment program is a supportive program which strengthens the entire marketing program and gives amazing results.

As a #business #advisor we analyze the problem a customer is facing in #management #production #sales #marketing #networking and many other issues. Our suggestions are realistic and to the point, thus presenting a real picture to the grim situation and the realistic solutions to solve the problems the company faces.

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy invite you for a personal discussion where we can understand your problem areas and provide you a roadmap to overcome hurdles and achieve success.

You can reach us on 91.9833613310 / 7977511886 or mail to

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