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Does the Customer Buy a Service or a Product?

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“Customer Creation“ is a process. It is not a over night phenomena but it requires strategies, marketing and lot of persuasion. Trust me, it is not easy what we do at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory & Consultancy (SVBAC) because we do not sell a Service nor a Product. We only build "Trust" because it builds Confidence and Confidence breeds Buyers.

Our patrons Trust us for our service irrespective the products we exchange for. This Trust breeds Confidence. Like an old saying, "If you trust a person you will do business with him"

We take this Confidence breeding process to the Buyers, because people don't want to buy till they don't have the confidence in the sale which is going to take place. In today's market the average seller of a product could be a small time shop owner, a manufacturer, a mid size chain of shops or a large multinational brand - All they want is Sales!!

We help our customers in creation of a lead cycle with our vast marketing services and this makes way to the Sale processes. After lead generation and client developments, we close the sale for our patrons. Either its a High Ticket Sale of Luxurious Properties in India or Overseas or a Medium size contract for a manufacturer or a SME seeking better Growth or a Startup which is starting a fresh, We at SVBAC can close the most difficult clients.(try us out today!)

Besides Customer Creation, we also provide Communication Services - Creative Web and Print Services which include Advertising, Branding and Promotions, Business Restructuring - Financial and Management.

Trust Breeds Confidence and Confidence Breeds Buyers!!

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