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How do we successfully "Transit" this pandemic phase?

Worldwide corporations, companies, governments and individuals have seen one of the worst phases of their lives. One can recover post a market fall, but holding ourselves to rise through this dreadful pandemic phase has stressed us.

We would like to address the elephant in the room, which is large and looming on our minds, lives and our work.

How well are we geared for the future? Are we happy with our savings, our investments our legacy which we have created for our children, our company? This year has taught us to be self reliant, focused and made us mentally stronger to face any adversities (hope no more). As a Business Consultancy and Advisory we stepped out of our zone to help out business which were not linked to us, to help them stand back and support them. Humanity lies here where we help each other.

When we realised people were running out of their savings there was a hope for peer to peer funding, community kitchens, medical assistance and more. All the support systems were there present around us, all we needed is to identify it. This is what business is today. Identify your customer and give the best product / service to them and forget about the competition. This is where businesses will grow and nurture the environment around them.

Apart from our services, we like to introduce Investment Strategies and Market reviews which can educate our readers and help them to plan better. Mr. Kaustubh Roplekar who is a Finance Expert on our panel, is a certified Chartered Accountant and a CFO with a leading organisation. He manages a large volume portfolio and is an excellent finance coach.

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy in our endeavour to educate, assist and grow our patrons businesses, wealth and knowledge will publish articles, hold discussions and meetings.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a New You!!

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