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It's not what you do, It is how you do it!!

Hello Warriors,

We all have been fighting the virus by following social distancing norms issued by our government and we have given our best. The battle is not over and now we all are going to have the change the situation for good.

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy (SVBAC) are in full support to small business owners and manufacturers fight the fear and stagnancy in their businesses by lending our support in various services we offer.

Our client who is a leading chef and owns a food catering & delivery services has grown his business orders exponentially in a very short period of time with our advisory service. We marketed his brand and products to far regions in the city and today he boasts of great order bookings. The satisfaction to our clients voice was rewarding. They never knew what Social Media, Networking and E-mail marketing could do to their business.

The power of growth is there & we have the right resources to tap them fro you.

We look forward to hear from you. Our e-mail id is

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