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Key to Success!!

What is the Key to Success? I would like to give you my view on the subject (it may vary from the general perspective and I hope it helps your case.) Success for a toddler is to take their first step on their own which indicates freedom. For a 6 year old is to do their own things which indicates confidence. Making a contact with the most popular teen is the teenagers dream come true which indicates commanding communication skills. By the time you enter the real world you are a fusion of these skills which makes you a team player, a follower or a coach who trains.

But at a given point, we all fail. Its a human thing, because failure is perceived differently by people. Some take it is a lesson, some as a scar and many out there consider themselves not fit to deliver. Success is a blend of experiences which comes from errors and lessons learnt by person who has toiled hard on the mat. We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory & Consultancy can help you to identify what will make you a better leader, make a better team, train the minds of the team players and create a seamless system to perform.

Biggest hurdles an entrepreneur or a business owner faces is work delegation and getting the desired results from the team members. Not all small businesses are capable of creating a system which ensures seamless deliveries of the projects which can become a hinderance in success graph of the organization. Given below are pointers for you to make the best of your systems, because systems function despite workforce debility.

  1. Tasks - Don't overburden staff / team players with deadlines. Simple tasks can help them realign the thought processes.

  2. Meetings - Keep it short. Generally 15-20 minutes meetings can give you great results. Give reasonable time for team players to prepare for the sit-down / online meetings.

  3. Measure - Task achievements. A very vital input which will help you understand the performance of your team.

  4. Sales and Marketing Plans - A weekly plan is more desirable than a quarter or a monthly plan. This will help your players plan precisely and keep targets on time.

  5. Q&A - You learn more, when you ask> so ask more. As a decision maker you need to know why your company lost a contract / order. Performances improve when you train your mind and asking questions is the best way to increase performances of the team members.

Last not the least is the review of the directors / owners - Yes you read it right. The decision makers are humans too and they need to be reviewed and tasks are applicable to them too. I hope you will benefit from the above pointers and if you need any assistance to realign your business, develop new markets, create better communications or just want to know more connect with us on or call us on 91.9833613310 to learn how we can help you grow your business, strengthen the system and deliver results.

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