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There Are No Start Ups. Its A Business. At Neo Stage..

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Many budding business owners have joined the band wagon of Shark Tank World making Start Ups sound Cool. Trust me its not.

Every business which is successful today, began its footprints at some point in its life cycle. Earlier business owners took pride in talking about their businesses and its services which make peoples lives simpler. No one talked about the age of business then - All that matters is Can you do this? or Deliver Quality products...

We get many mails / calls where so called business owners term themselves as founders, boot strapped, Start Ups etc. It takes not much of time to make them realise that its a Neo Business which has its footprints with other service / products in the market.

Note to Business Owners

Avoid Start Up Lingo - Trust me. It can go against your goals. When you discuss your business proposal using the new age lingo for businesses won't get you sympathy or any support. Your businesses is going to get exploited by your prospect.

New to Business

Invest in good communications. Make effective messages in suitable social media / print publicity to leave lasting impacts. Since the memory span of our consumers in weakening every day (Know why Shorts on social media are hyped)

Make every communication count!

Take Professional Advice - It will safeguard your brand

Speak to A Business Consultant or An Expert you will guide you to take calculated risks and streamline your business strategy. Remember A Good Business Strategy in the early stage will make your business bullet proof.

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy provide Business Management, Market Development, Strategy Advisory and Consultancy Services.

Our business plans are customized for every business and partner with our patrons at various stages. To know more visit or call us on 91.7977511886

Work Smart. Partner With Us.


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