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Time Management "2021"

Time is the most precious "Element" which cannot be replaced or substituted by any mankind. We all get 24 hours in a day and how you make the best out of those 24 hours is up-to us.

"Time isn't the main thing. It is the only thing" - Miles Davis

And this is the fact. Lets see how can we in our this post help the readers to realign their Time Management for 2021

1. Stop Imagining that your are Busy

We all want to get our day planned either a night earlier or first thing in the morning. Making notes and allocating "Time Slots" to our activities - Why are we doing this? Just to program our minds to imagine that our time is booked and we cannot take any other tasks / meetings in between. Aren't we making a mistake here? I feel this is making us feel that "Its only me who can attend a xyz meeting?" OR "I am the only one who can do this"

You have already created a barrier that you and only you can do this job - At this rate the day will end with doing petty works which could be done by someone who could be ideally more suitable for that meeting / profile

2. Delegate more...

If you are a startup and you are doing everything on your own then this one is not for you.

But if you are established and can hire someone on pay or commission basis, just delegate someone to do the lesser responsible jobs which could eat on your time! There is no harm in delegating someone to attend a meeting where your time could not be justified.

3. Learn to Say NO

Yes. This one really works. The day you realize some actions could be performed by someone else and yet deliver equal results - then its time to say No for unwanted calls, meetings and discussions. With the digital age and various apps, we all can be kept informed at a touch of a button.

4. Avoid Procrastination

As a manager, team member or a owner take immediate actions. If you feel that any suggestions needs immediate implementation - just go ahead and do it. The more you delay, the results could be harmful and toxic to the organization and the other team members.

5. Hire a Business Advisor and Coach

If you want to focus on your goals and want to achieve them in planned phases, then you need a mentor or a Business Coach / Advisor. When you speak to a coach or a advisor your mind will work differently and focus will change from immediate now to coming next quarter or next year results.

6. Be Selfish

You are the engine of your success and you need to invest in your self. Exercise, Read, Attend Seminars and learn to relax. The time saved by you will be beneficial for your growth and success.

7. Yes to Emails

Avoid Social Media during performance hours at work. These can swallow your time and not make you realize the quantum of time lost. Leading decision makers prefer sending mails and avoiding unnecessary meetings with employees. We personally feel E-mails are more efficient and relaiable to communicate with team members and customers. It gives a sense of personal touch to the reader than reading a message on the messenger.

Do let us know how you manage your time professionally and personally which could help us amend (with credits) and include them in the Time Management 2021 plan.

Stay Safe.


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