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Want to survive, increase your sales.

"What differentiates sellers today is their ability to bring fresh ideas." -Jill Konrath

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy(#shreevenakteshwara) believe in creation of growth and development. Our services are designed for the small and medium business owners who cannot afford an extensive #salesteam and those who want to grow their businesses.

Today business owners are walking on thin ice, where the profit margins are slimming due to various factors namely Govt. Duties,Taxes, Increase in the Cost of Labor, Higher cost of Production and Growing Competition. Recently #Manufacturing output has been highly affected slowing down the Indian #economy During and before the #pandemic many small business have closed shops, because they could not compete with the market players as they were not advised as "How to Market than compete". Today one can survive if they have the right advisors who can guide and direct #business #owners to take the right decision for the safety of their business / trade.

#Sales #outsourcing is the right solution for you, if you intend to grow your sales and increase market output because:

1) Sales Outsourcing is #cost #effective and #result oriented

2) The service is #customized and tailor made for your industry/product/services.

3) We work remotely which means we do not use your office space/air conditioning, tea/coffee nothing. No liability on the company which uses our services.

4)We offer various business plans for you to choose from.

5) One stop solutions for all your Sales Development, Marketing and Communications can be availed as per your requirements.

#Sales and #Marketing is the only way you can grow, rest is poetry.

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