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We want to help the Young Entrepreneurs

In India and across the Globe, parents want their children to learn a specific stream and earn a degree, work for a company / enterprise and then spend the rest of their lives working for someone. Yes experience is essential but they should not sacrifice the most important phase of their lives working like a robotic machine for an Enterprise who is not interested to know what quality of asset is the candidate.

We at Shree Venkateshwara Business Advisory and Consultancy want the younger generation to learn about "What goes in the making of a Sale"? How can you Start a conversation? Make a Cold Call. Trust me, whether you are A Doctor, A Engineer, A Lawyer, A Musician or a Businessman or a Woman - You will need to convince someone, give confidence, close a deal and so on.

We believe as Parents of the Children, we should ask them to create something, showcase their skills by selling a product which they can create or outsource. Let them take Risks!

If they fail, they will learn. We are helping budding entrepreneurs to sell, market, provide assistance, create leads and close the sales. All for the young business owners who will do what they can do best - Focus on better products and quality.

Avantika Sawant is one such business owner - A Commerce Student, An Excellent Artist with a Flair for Colours. She creates custom T-shirts for Men and Women with "TieDye" and Creative Artworks on Demand.

Come forward if you want your child or you as an individual want to grow your business and we will be glad to assist you.

Have a wonderful and a safe year ahead.

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