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What should a Business Owner do to "Survive" tomorrow?

#Stay# Invested. #Invest in your self and your #players. This is the #mantra from Us to You. During a downfall or a recessionary period, most of the #business particularly "Small and Medium' businesses are affected to a vast extent. They are the foot soldiers of an army (economy) who take the first blow.

Business owners face sustainability issue which forces them to downsize outgoings in #monetary terms.Thus #layoffs, #closures of chain shops and other bloodbaths take place. What affects the business is not the #economic #condition of the #country but the #decision the #owners take.

During the past couple of months, we had many customer meetings where the prime topic of discussion was "Should be close shop'? and our answer was "Please don't". It is a multi dimensional outlook - What happens if you close the shop / service? Everybody right from the Level 3 to Level 1 staff is laid off indefinitely. There is no production, no service thus no sale. Above all no revenue and above all #Absenteeism from the market.

To avoid such situations, we advised many out there to Be in the game. (unless you cannot afford the financial burden) and delivery. Move from Brick n Motar to a Virtual Shop (website) and get a global audience to your products / services through our channel.

It feels good when your professional opinions help people whom you have never met like the workers toiling hard to produce a product / service and serving his domestic and professional responsibilities.

We salut the people who have understood the importance of "Stayin Alive" in these trouble times.

Keep smiling, because this time will pass too.

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